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"Beginning teachers are spending an extra 15-25 hours per week outside school hours, compared to their peers who are 5+ years into their career. This is an extra 1000 hours per year... due to the lack of preparation that university is providing our graduate teachers. This is leading new teachers directly down
the road to burnout... where 1 in 2 are leaving our industry.
I believe beginning teachers are our most valuable asset to our schools with their vibrant fresh enthusiasm to teaching has a ripple effect to staff and students.
 I'm dedicated to design mentoring/coaching/tools like, the Ultimate Teacher ToolKit and Mentorship Program
(with life-long access), to
(i) reduce these extra hours by @ least 50%
(ii) provide effective teaching strategies, resources, mentoring + PD that builds confidence in their teaching abilities; 
(iii) prevent burnout + live a balanced teacher life
Those who know me, know I am honest + provide clarity around 'real life teaching' and I am solution focussed around any problem or challenge you face!
Being a mentoring, I focus on YOUR journey + success by sharing my 20 + years of teaching experiences, resources and knowledge, support you to protect your passion for education
+ keep you accountable to your wellness. "


Planning is one of the most under-developed skills that beginning teachers are graduating with! The lack of preparation or guidance in this area can make life very stressful and overwhelming as a beginning teacher..... so I have it free kit to help change this for you!

The training video is from my Ultimate Teacher Organisation Kit which now has over 150 teacher documents designed to help beginning teacher get organised and set up as they begin their teacher journey. It is designed to remove many of the 'unknown' elements of teaching life + give you the tools to navigate your early weeks, months and years with confidence.

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Free Downloadable
from inside the
Ultimate Teacher Tool-Kit



Send me the Free Teacher Planning Kit
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