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Free P.D. Workshops for beginning teachers with Rachel Mac

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I trust you enjoyed the PD workshop "Data Collection + Interpreting for your TPA"

Should you want to upgrade now for this workshop OR access the TPA support online course to help you with completing your teacher performance assessment, the links are here:

3 sites that will help you with planning which I refer to in the mentorship program are:

My next available workshops are:

If you are in your first 5 years of your teaching career and have enjoyed my PD workshops, I think you are going to love my new secret project... SAVVY TEACHERS CLUB. It is going to be a huge growing library of online PD workshop that you can access on teaching topics to support your growth as a teacher + use for your teacher registration and teaching portfolio! It is not open to the public however I have opened it up to those who enjoy my workshops and would love to access them when they want + receive the PD Kits for all my workshops @ a crazy never to be offered again... $9 per month.

My mission for the next 5-10 years at least is to work with passionate driven beginning teachers who have worked extremely hard to complete their studies to now become vibrant enthusiastic educators of the future! I seek to nurture, inspire and help new teacher grow into the aspiring individual that they dreamed of when they started their degree!

I am doing this by being transparent, open and upfront around the issues that beginning teachers face when they start their career... including poor culture within schools + lack of support when starting their careers.

I am dedicated to being 'solution focussed' in all areas + being the light for those who value a mentor to ensure they reach their own full potential...

Your success is my focus !

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with over 50% of new teachers leaving our industry due to burnout + stress.... I am not ok with this statistic!!! After listening to beginning teachers' feedback, I came up the concept of the "TEACHER TOOL-KIT" where I share as many tools, templates, planners, documents, overviews and checklists as possible, for early career teachers to help reduce their overwhelm, stress, burnout + boost their confidence and competence!

There are 2 ways to acces the TOOL-KIT... on its own OR you get it FREE if you are enrolled in the Ultimate Mentorship Program.

The Ultimate

Teacher  Tool Kit

120+ tools, templates, checklists, documents, organisers and planners for teachers in their first 5 years...

to enable them to become organised, confident educators.

What makes this Tool Kit extremely popular with beginning teachers is the amount of professional training and development videos that comes with it! I pack the kit with loads of videos to help you implement these tools + documents in your teacher life. 
regain your confidence
reduce stress + overwhelm by providing you ready to use tools + editable resources immediately
get excited about your career + new class as you have the tools to support your growth
includes the training so you feel competent
editable teaching templates, tools + documents to save you hours of time

The Teacher Tool-Kit Kit has over 120+ tools and documents to help you plan your teacher life and be at your best!


  • Personal Weekly Goal Planner

  • Weekly Timetable

  • Morning & Afternoon Organiser

  • Weekly Planner (x2)

  • Behaviour Management Planner

  • Calmness Planner

  • Intrinsic Motivation

  • Anxiety Management

  • My Classroom Culture

  • My Teacher Pedagogy

  • App Organiser

  • Website Organiser

  • Resource Support

  • Website Support

  • Yearly Curriculum Planner

  • English Yearly Overview

  • English Organiser

  • Yearly Spelling Organiser

  • Text Type Yearly Planner

  • Maths Yearly Overview

  • Number & Algebra Organiser

  • Measurement & Geometry Organiser

  • Statistics & Probability Organiser

  • Blank Yearly Planner

  • Science Yearly Overview

  • Health Yearly Overview

  • Technologies Yearly Overview

  • Languages Yearly Overview

  • Humanities Yearly Overview

  • Blank Yearly Overview

  • Learning Areas Planner (lessons 1-5)

  • Learning Areas Planner (lessons 6-10)

  • Homework Planner

  • Literacy Weekly Planner

  • Literacy Stations Organiser

  • Literacy Rotations Planner

  • Numeracy Weekly Planner

  • Numeracy Stations Organiser

  • Numeracy Rotations Planner

  • Weekly Quote Planner

  • Student Reflection Organiser

  • Weekly PD Reflection

  • Yearly PD Planner

  • Password Organiser (teacher)

  • Student Password Organiser x 2

  • Duty Planner

  • Staff Meeting Notes

  • Parent Communication Records/Log

  • Student Parent Contact Details

  • Keep Your Inspiration Tank Full - weekly planner

  • Yearly Goal Planner

  • Lesson Planner

Latest to be released are:

  • The Arts Yearly Overview

  • Weekly Timetable #2

  • Classroom Organisation (x2)

  • Classroom Policies Overview + Templates

  • Subject Organisation

  • Keep Your Inspiration Tank Full - purpose planner (pink)

  • Assessment Term Overview

  • Planning Tool (6 steps)

  • Planning Tools (open framework)

  • EYLF Weekly Planner (NQS allocated)

  • EYLF Weekly Planner (blank)

  • EYLF Milestone Templates (coloured with examples and notes)

  • Parent Teacher Interview (event planner)

  • Parent Teacher Template (individual sheet)

  • Planning Tool (8 steps) separate file

  • Classroom Organisation - outlining structure & teacher pedagogy (x2)

  • Unit Planning Templates (includes checklist for general capabilities in a few versions - separate file and editable)

  • Standard Elaborations + Task-Specific Elaborations Templates (multiple versions included and all editable - separate file)

  • Student - Teacher Conference Strategy Framework (BRAND NEW + PD option)

  • Story Map Templates 1, 2 + 3 (for grades Prep to year 6)

  • CHECKLIST KIT... over 37 pages for starting your career to help plan your first few weeks

  • Wellness planner and monthly planner for preventing teacher burnout

  • Wellness Health Wheel (health assessment tool) to gain perspective on where your life is unbalanced, and where to resolve.

  • Running Record Kit

  • COMING SOON.... teaching info-graphics KIT to boost your confidence in so many areas of teaching..... YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

*Note: some templates listed are mini kits with up to 10 tools inside, making the kit well over 120 teaching templates / documents / planner / overviews etc...


Those who purchase the kit also have access to any planner or

organisational tool I create in the future.

Simply download your file again to access the new tools!

You also get access to each Teacher Video I make for documents so you

can implement in your classroom with success and ease!


To help graduate and beginning teachers, here are 3 of the videos that are part of the KIT. I will be growing the kit and training page continually but hope you find these 2 videos helpful and provide you with some insight into the kit.


In this video I share my own classroom weekly timetable that I have found to maximise learning and help me to be an effective teacher, meeting time criteria for the curriculum in literacy and maths.


I also show you how to set up a morning and afternoon routine to develop independent students + save you 50 minutes per week!


Inside this video I share the structure and set up for covering everything you need to, for your parent teacher interviews. Having a template has helped me enormously + the feedback from parents has been great, as they said it showed I was attentive and professional, by recording down their concerns.

These are just 2 of the many teacher training videos that are part of the TEACHER TOOLKIT which are available to you immediately after you purchase. Access the training videos any time 

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