Find Your Why

Turning 40 last year has definitely made me review life and reflect on my accomplishments as well as purpose. I have found Simon Sinek a wonderful mentor to drive my pursuit of 'purpose' and finding my 'why'. I encourage all of you to take a look at his website and grab his book "start with why" and have a read during your down time or holidays. His thought provoking attitude to life and his questioning of 'why' in general really shakes up your own ideas of life and gave me a better perspective on life itself.

I know want my children and students to actively pursue their own 'why' and the most powerful thing I learnt was 'what is your relationship with failure'. This has changed my life for the better and equipped me with the ability to empower those around me in my life. I share this more in the 12 Month Mentorship Program that Savvy Teachers offers beginning teachers which you can find here:

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