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How To Foster Inspiration In Your Classroom

Words are extremely powerful. I have found that using quotes in the classroom, not only inspires students but helps foster a great learning environment and builds classroom culture. I have implemented 'quotes' numerous ways including through student implementation where students select a weekly quote that we display and discuss.

I then conscious look for 'teaching moments' where I can bring the quote or past quotes into a situation and demonstrate the purpose of the quote. I also use it as a behaviour management tool.

Here is my short video in relation to my Positive Pineapple.

I have also created a short PD (professional development) course for beginning teachers $19 and it will show you 3 powerful tools to use in your classroom that will boost student motivation and encourage students to become pro-active in their own work! This includes using a MANTRA, the power of "yet" and one other secret tool that will change the way you teach!!!


Rachel xox


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