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Why Teachers Never Sleep

I remember in my first few years of teaching, I found it extremely hard to go to sleep because I was worrying about all the things I had to remember tomorrow. From printing the extra sheet for yellow reading group to phoning a parent about an IEP review to printing the staff meeting notes to put in everyone's tray. I would try to get to sleep thinking that it will come to me in the morning BUT just as I close my eyes, the thought of forgetting hits me so I would jump up and do what I could at home or leave sticky notes near my car keys. It was a crazy cycle that kept me up many nights and never told a soul.

It wasn't until I shared my story a few years ago that I realised that it is something many teachers go through AND it is 100% normal. YEAH I was normal :)

Fast forward 10 years and I found that having a piece of blank paper next to the bed, helped me to get thoughts and things to do out of my head and remove any worry of forgetting.

Personally I have 3 Teacher Folders for my #teacherlife and this is why I use a piece of paper which easily pops into my Teacher Organiser (folder #1). I've made it pretty and have it here for you to download FREE.

To check out my how I organise my 3 Teacher Folders... click here.

Sleep it extremely important to me, so having this nightly organiser next to my bed helps me to remember everything and get to sleep as quick as possible!


Rachel xox

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