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If you are a Secondary Teachers and have some experience in developing or creating IEP for special needs students but would like some more educational tools to increase your knowledge and ability to create a highly professional IEP, then this mini KIT is for you! 


I have spend the last 12 years of my career focussing on special needs education. I have poured all my experience into these IEP Kits so beginning teachers can build their confidence when they are faced with developing IEPs for their students.


An IEP is an Independent Education Program (IEP) or Independent Learning Program or Personalised Learning Plan - there are so many variations on this but the kit is the same no matter the terminology.


The mini Kit includes some of the items from the FULL IEP TEACHER KIT including:

  • 1 x ediatble portrait IEP template - 7 pages
  • 1 x ediatble landscape IEP template - 7 pages
  • student information and IEP plan for parental/carer contribution
  • 4 x infographics to help with development of goals, evaluation strategies, meetings, personalised learning tasks, 
  • SMART goals chart
  • Teacher Referral Form (should you suspect a student needs a review by school learning support)
  • IEP Evaluation Form for when you review the IEP


Should you require more support and new to IEP development, you will find the FULL IEP KIT to be the ideal document for you. Feel free to contact me to confirm which Kit is better for you!

IEP Mini Kit for Secondary Teachers

  • This is a digital downloadable file. It contains PDFs, word document files and powerpoint files.

  • Take your IEPs for your special needs students to a new professional level with this MINI KIT.


    You will find the professional tools and forms will enable you to build on your existing foundational knowledge of IEP development and feel confident when engaging with other professionals.

    We also have the FULL KIT available for those secondary teachers who are new to IEP development and working with special needs students. It can also be used as a Parental Kit you give to your special needs student's family for IEP planning.

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