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Teacher Mentoring with Rachel Mac

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The Ultimate Teacher Organisation + Tool Kit


120+ tools, templates, documents, organisers and planners for teachers in their first 5 years... to enable them to become organised educators.

sneak peak inside this huge teacher tool-kit

1. How To Set Up Your Teacher Folders

In my experience, I have found it most effective to have 3 teacher folders.


1. Teacher Organisation (my teacher life)

2. Class Curriculum 

3. Assessment & Reporting

The Teacher Organisation Kit is packed with tools and documents to help you plan your teacher life and be at your best!

Latest to  be released are:

53. The Arts Yearly Overview

54. Weekly Timetable #2

55. Classroom Organisation (x2)

56. Classroom Policies Overview

57.Subject Organisation

58. Keep Your Inspiration Tank Full - purpose planner (pink)

59. Assessment Overview

60. Planning Tool (6 steps)

61. Planning Tools (open framework)

62. EYLF Weekly Planner (NQS allocated)

63. EYLF Weekly Planner (blank)

64. Parent Teacher Interview (event planner)

65. Parent Teacher Template (individual sheet)

66. Planning Tool (8 steps) separate file

67. Classroom Organisation - outlining structure & teacher pedagogy (x2)

68. Unit Planning Templates (includes checklist for general capabilities in a few versions - separate file and editable)

69. Standard Elaborations + Task-Specific Elaborations Templates (multiple versions included and all editable - separate file)

70. Student - Teacher Conference Strategy Framework (BRAND NEW + PD option)

71. Story Map Templates 1, 2 + 3 (for grades Prep to year 6)

72. Over 7 checklists for starting your career to help plan your first few weeks

73. Wellness planner and monthly planner for preventing teacher burnout

74. Wellness Health Wheel (health assessment tool) to gain perspective on where your life is unbalanced, and where to resolve.

*Note: some templates listed include more than 1 so the kit is closer to over 120+ teaching templates / documents


Quick video from inside the kit so you can see before you purchase, should you decide to go ahead.

Those who purchase the kit also have access to any planner or

organisational tool I create in the future.

Simply download your file again to access the new tools!

You also get access to each Teacher Video I make for documents so you

can implement in your classroom with success and ease!

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To help graduate and beginning teachers, here are 3 of the videos that are part of the KIT. I will be growing the kit and training page continually but hope you find these 3 videos helpful and provide you with some insight into the kit.


In this video I share my own classroom weekly timetable that I have found to maximise learning and help me to be an effective teacher, meeting time criteria for the curriculum in literacy and maths.


I also show you how to set up a morning and afternoon routine to develop independent students + save you 50 minutes per week!


In this video I show you just how important it is to know your 'why' and setting your own goals (professionally & personally) and how you can use this to form the foundation of classroom culture in your classroom... forming the base of your behaviour management system.


I explain the value in timetabling an 'Assessment' session each week as an organisational strategy that will not only prove to be super valuable in saving you time, but show you how to professionally accountable in the area of assessment and reporting as an educator, as per the AITSL standards.

These are just 3 of the many teacher training videos that are part of the TEACHER ORANISATION KIT which are avilable to you immediately after you purchase. Access the training videos any time 

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