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The Ultimate Teacher ToolKit with over 120 teaching tools + documents, was created to assist early career teachers to feel more competent and confident as they start their career in the early years!

Free Downloadable



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This free PDF is a 23 page document containing checklists that will help equip you to prepare and set yourself up for a rewarding first term with your new class + career. The training video is from my Ultimate Teacher Tool-Kit which now has over 120 teacher documents designed to help beginning teacher get organised and set up as they begin their teacher journey. It is designed to remove many of the 'unknown' elements of teaching life + give you the tools to navigate your early weeks, months and years with confidence.


So I have grown the free PDF again... (over 35 pages) + added more checklists so you can feel confident in more areas + for longer than 1 term.... in fact I have made checklists to help cover you for up to a year in relation to your career / growth + I have also made an extra video.

I also added a new planning kit in the Teacher ToolKit with seating plan maps, worked samples, weekly planning templates + RESOURCE TEMPLATE KIT to help you through those first few weeks and beyond! 

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