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Nurture  |  Empower  |  Grow 

I am extremely passionate about teacher wellness, classroom culture, working collaboratively as educators

and mentoring beginning teachers!


New teachers have the most vibrant and contagious enthusiasm for education in their early years that can be squashed by the lack of support or overwhelming amount of teaching responsibilities

(that only a teacher would know).


By sharing my own teaching organisationsal skills, teaching experiences, epic fails, behaviour management, teaching & learning strategies, teacher tips, tricks and hacks.


It will save you time, tears & stress...

empowering you to be at your best and have a long successful career!


xox Rachel xox

Heart & Hands

Free Mentoring

1st Yr Teachers

Large grey double chat bubbles


Notebook and pen



Catch all my teacher hacks and teacher 'finds' to help you feel confident and successful as an educator...

Sharing my own teacher journey in the hope it supports and empowers new teachers.... 

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