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I want beginning teachers to focus on spreading their wings and learn how to teach, in their own style and develop teaching skills. I want to remove some of the stress for them and provide effective resources and teacher training, so they can enjoy and blossom in their early years... rather than burn out!

Why I Created the Maths MEGA Kit

I want teachers to feel equipped with the right tools, and feel confident with my teaching resources. To do that, I have included PD training sessions, resources, editable templates, sample planning units, assessment template, feedback advice, lesson ideas, mentor's advice and so much more!

I know this kit will exceed your expectations so you can

focus on your students and being a teacher!

Reduce your planning time

Access an effective teaching/learning framework

Covers 20+ maths concepts

Over 20 hours of PD includes certificate for registration + portfolio

Implement effective differentiation strategies

Access modules @ self paced course

Hundreds of resources, editable + interactive!


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"No one creates their resources like Rachel who really goes that extra step to teach you how to use them and edit them all. Her items always go above and beyond! AND she shows you how to claim it for your PD, for teacher registration! Highly recommend all her teaching products! So grateful and has saved me hours! Literally hours!"

Grace R. 2020



ENJOY THIS SAMPLE PD TRAINING + POWERPOINT FILE FROM THE MATHS MEGA KIT... this is looking at teaching fractions which is just 1 of the 20+ topics covered

and so much more...


 I purposely design the teacher training videos so they are easy to absorb and straight to the point on 'how' to teach concepts... like this video training on fractions. This is 1 of the 20 modules available with the Maths Mega Kit + PD BONUS KIT.


This is a file for you to download and use along with the PD training above. You have the option to purchase the digital Maths Mega Kit with out the training videos for $37 by selection option 1.

By downloading this document, you confirm that you will adhere to the copyright laws and the terms and conditions listed here. You are not permitted to share with anyone else. You are not permitted to reproduce any part of this file or document and share. You are not permitted to recreate any part of this document and share or claim as your own. You are not permitted to sell this document or claim you are the owner.

Growing Kit that aims to have everything you need to teach maths in your teacher life.

Templates, PDFs, tools, documents, unit plan samples, editable tools, planners and loads of training so you feel confident !

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