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Teacher Mentoring with Rachel MAC

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Teacher Resources

over 50% of teachers are leaving in their first 5 years of teaching...

This statistic absolutely scares me as an experienced teacher and as a mum of 4 children! This tells me that there is a drastic need for support and inspiration for our teaching community in Australia!


I am NOT OK with this statistic!


I want to reduce this figure and thought I could share my teaching hacks that I've learnt along my own teacher journey and put them into this teaching hub I call Boost Education. I am SUPER passionate about Teacher Wellness, Keeping Your Inspiration Tanks Full, Finding Your Purpose and creating a Classroom Culture.

I've published Teaching Kits, created videos, forums,  and posts, to help remove stress, maintain your passion and navigate your #teacherlife with confidence!

Join the Beginning Teachers Project which is a Facebook group designed for educators to get advice, support and inspiration in their early years of teaching... 24/7 support whenever you need xxx

Teaching Kits

Please find a list of the current teaching kits available or coming soon.... use the key below to make sure it is suitable to your area of teaching. You can visit the store directly for all resources and kits... just hit "visit store".

Includes P.D. Hrs



Early childhood


Primary Education


Secondary Education

Monster Reward System



Early Childhood ~ Primary Education ~ Secondary Education

It can be hard starting off teaching knowing which reward system to use or even how to set up behaviour management strategies. I have created this kit so beginning teachers have a starting point because this is a big part of the journey when becoming a teacher. It comes with 3 different charts and teacher training video + a full set of 12 engaging monsters. Please find a sneak peak video which shows you inside the kit and will teach you how to incorporate 'intrinisic' and 'extrinsic' values in your classroom.

I am a HUGE believe in creating classroom culture and this monster reward system is a huge part of my own classroom culture development. 



Created specifically for:

Early Childhood  ~  Primary Teachers  ~  Secondary Educators

It started with 30 planning documents and it is now 80+ teacher documents to help you feel organised and confident as a teacher... from term planning to daily planning. Assessment and Reporting to Teacher Wellness. I share how I plan in every area I think of and this is a GROWING BUNDLE... so once you purchase you get all future documents as well... just re-download via the link! 

This Kit is designed to help you minimise stress and help you live your best #teacherlife.

Complete with instructional videos to show you how to implement yourself!

Professional Development Planner



Created specifically for:

Graduate and Teachers in their early stages of their careers.

Planning tools and documents to help you organise and plan your professional development. The yearly overview checklist is just one of the reusable documents, that you can print and use year after year.

Job Application Kit



Created specifically for Graduate and Beginning Teachers 

This kit includes a FREE online course that will remove all the stress during this exciting time as a beginning or new teacher. From designing your resume and cover letter to creating a respond to key selection criteria by aligning your teaching experiences to the right AITSL standards and interview preparation... I share my highly successful 'sandwich' style formula that you can re-use across your career for any teaching position and

you will feel confident walking into your interview!

Professional Reflection Journal PJR

Created specifically for Graduate and Beginning Teachers 

Documenting your professional growth as an educator is important for your career and portfolio. 

It can take hours and hours to learn how to document correctly... BUT NOT ANYMORE.

This kit gives you all the information you need including Step by Step guide, templates and clear examples to help you feel confident when recording your PD and creating your teaching portfolio.

Maths Mega Kit


Created specifically for Pre-Service, Graduate and Beginning Teachers 

This is the first of the MEGA KITS to have a revamp with lots of extras in this kit.

Not only can you learn how to set up your own numeracy rotation groups with over 100 activities for numeracy all in this kit for years Prep/Foundation through to Year 6. It will have 20 PD training videos to learn how I implement different numeracy concepts + PD Kit linked to AITSL standards with certificate. PLUS loads of resources, lesson ideas and worksheets / investigation sheets. I have created pre and post assessment templates for you to edit and use + all the items are editable and I show you how, step by step!

IEP FULL KITS - Parents & Teachers

Created specifically for Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Ed 

Whether you foundational knowledge or experience with developing an IEPs (Independent Education Program) also known as ILPs and PLPs, this Kit is designed to help teachers navigate the IEP development process in partnership with their special needs parents/carers. The Kit has all the documents you need to support yourself and your special needs parents so you all feel confident and professional throughout the planning, implementing and assessment process. Special Needs Education has been my passion for over a decade and I believe both teachers and parents require more support when working in partnership to create a powerful IEP for the student!

I have a training video I created (it was one of my early videos) to show you how to put the kit together as well as hints and tips I have used during the process of implementing an IEP.


Created specifically for Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Ed 

This mini kit is designed for those teachers who have some knowledge and experience in developing Independent Education Plans (IEPs/ILPs/PLPs) for students with special needs. The mini Kit provides you with professional documents that help you with developing a professional IEP document and conduct meetings with other professionals with confidence. Being the mini kit it does not include the all the documents for parents and meetings and reviews. This kit purely focusses on designing an IEP and what elements need to be included.

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