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Creating a successful Independent Learning Program or Education Plan (IEP, ILP, PLP)  can be daunting and stressful as a beginning teachers. 

Being a Special Ed teacher I was creating documents to help beginning teachers in different areas of IEP implementation when I was mentoring.


After being asked constantly for a complete kit... I finally published it and created this complete kit. Check the video which provides you with a sneak peak inside.... this kit was created for both teachers and parents! 


IEP Complete KIT for Primary Education

  • PDFs, Word Docs & Powerpoint Files in this digital file.

    Make sure you download your item directly to your computer once you pay.

  • EVERYTHING you need to learn about IEP development and implementation. Includes training and over 50 pages of documents and tools to help you feel confident and organised as a teacher.


    Available in Early Childhood and Secondary Ed kits.

    This Kit has been created for Teachers & Parents in 2019 to provide successful partnership in educating your students. 

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