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After 18 years of teaching experience in Primary Ed and Special Needs Education, I found a system that worked extremely well to promote positive learning and celebrate achievements in the classroom. Part of the system included the MONSTER REWARD CHARTS and I used it to celebrate individuals, groups (A4 size) and whole class charts (A3 size). These rewards charts can be used alongside any currrent behaviour management system in a classroom + you can introduce it as a practicum experiences OR as a full time classroom teacher.


The response each time from students aged 4 - 13 has been brilliant as these little monsters together with the processes I have set up (see in the teacher training included with the kit) are engaging and create enthusiasm if you embrace them and refer to them as per the video training.


The Monsters are available inside my online teaching courses as well, Teacher Mentoring or Behaviour Management MasterClass.


The MONSTERS were a HUGE hit with all grades and I even named all 12 monster with some in 'charge' of developing specific areas.... that perhaps needed attention like "listening" or 'respect' or "being your own person". More on this in my Mindfulness Bucket Teacher Video!!!


When I was mentoring, I introduced this system and beginning teachers were able to easily adapt to their behaviour management procedures while the students responded really positively with the themed MONSTER set up.


I was asked to create a kit for new teachers so I did... and here it is up dated for the year and comes with teacher training video.


This strategy is easy to implement and you can use it to reward invdividuals, groups, pairs or whole class. The system allows you to implement as per the video OR adapt it as you develop your own teaching skills in this area.


My aim for this KIT was to reduce begining teachers stress or worry around behaviour management and I absolutely LOVE hearing the positive feedback and stories about this system! 


Feel free to join our Beginning Teachers Lounge to chat to me about the system. 

Monster Reward System for Behaviour Management + Training

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