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This Kit comes with a 43 page guide and templates you can use to create your resume, cover letter and application response. Updated September 2020.


The kit includes speicific examples for linking your teaching experiences to the AITSL teacher standards, a guide + formula for responding to key selection criteria and tools for interview preparation to help you feel confident and professional in your first few years! 


As part of your purchase you have a $100 voucher to use for teacher mentoring / coaching which gives you 50% off a session with me, to work on any area of your career or life, so you can set yourself up or overcome any blockages, to live your best life!


The feedback around this KIT has been tremendous and I have loved hearing all the success stories and job interviews it has helped new teachers to obtain!



  • 43 page guide
  • planning and creating your resume
  • resume templates(causl and permanent positions)
  • responding to selection criteria
  • cover letter template
  • interview preparation
  • BONUS - I share my secret weapon that helped me to become a targeted graduate and offered a full time permanent position for life with NSW Dept. Education.
  • Advice on setting up your portfolio
  • Full set of teaching examples linked to the 36 descriptors for the AITSL teaching standards - you will use this for your portfolio and PD evidencing!!!


Teacher Resume and Job Application Kit with Standards Included

AU$69.00 Regular Price
AU$39.00Sale Price
  • This is a digital file that you download immediatley after purchasing. It contains PDFs, word documents and powerpoint files. Please make sure you have mircosoft office to be able to access and edit.


    This Kit is designed for beginning teachers and graduate teachers when they are applying for teaching positions in Australia.

    I have helped hundreds of new teachers nail their job applications and get interviews during my mentoring sessions, so I put it all into a KIT for graduate teachers to use all over Australia!

    This is kit will help you address:

    • design your savvy resume + format (including samples)
    • responding to key selection criteria (link to AITSL standards with clear examples)
    • covering letter format (step by step guide)
    • interview preparation (including sample quesitons)

    Let me reduce your worry and stress around this for you and guide each step of the way!!!

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