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I am a special needs education teacher and I have put together this IEP KIT that includes a guide and documents over 55+ pages. This Kit is for those new teachers and beginning teachers in their first 5years who would like support and the right documents to enable them to navigate the IEP development process with confidence!


This kit has video training online that you can watch when you want at anytime in your career. The documents are created so you can print and file in your IEP folder for each student AND you can even create a PARENT'S KIT which will help you work in partnership with the families of your students.


Parents are the KEY to a successful IEP and my biggest tip is to include them from the start and keep in close contact with them throughout the year! They will save your time and help your IEP to be successful in your class.


IEP FULL KIT - Early Childhood Education

  • PDFs, Word Docs & Powerpoint files in this digital file.

    You have 30 days to download your purchase.

    License is for your own professional use in your classroom.

  • All the tools and documents you need to feel confidence to navigate IEP programing and implementation with my new series for IEP FULL KITS.


    Available in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Ed.

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